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Students in the Master of Arts in Educational Psychology program are a mix of P-12 teachers, other professionals, and people who are interested in human development, learning, and motivation as they are applied in various educational contexts. This accelerated program is available online and ranks in the top 25 most affordable in the nation as determined by Fast Online Masters.

NOTE: This program does not prepare students to be licensed P-12 teachers, counselors, or school psychologists. EMU has educator preparation and counselor education programs but does not prepare school psychologists.

What You Will Learn

You will learn how psychological principles apply to teaching and learning settings, to utilize research findings, to design basic research studies, and to understand the ways diversity, equity and inclusion impact teaching and learning.


Certified teachers can use the Master of Arts in Educational Psychology to improve their practice, make themselves eligible for pay raises, become instructional leaders, support assessment efforts, and pursue doctoral studies. Others students have used the Master of Arts in Educational Psychology to improve educational programming outside of P-12, participate in research and program evaluation, and pursue doctoral studies. Students in this program develop relationships with fellow students as well as faculty members. The program offers a supportive learning environment within the context of asynchronous online courses.

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