About the Disability Planning & Policy Center

The Disability Planning and Policy Center (DPPC) was launched in January of 2020 and consists of Eastern Michigan University faculty professionals working together to share their expertise in all aspects of financial education about disability planning activities. Collaboration among our colleges provides a team approach to providing financial education to help people with disabilities gain the information they need to tackle pressing disability needs planning issues.

The Disability Center at EMU provides financial education answers and tools for families trying to navigate the often confusing world of financial planning.  Studies have shown that people with disabilities want and need financial education so they can begin the process of financial planning for their future.  They also show that financial education works.  We provide that information - we don't do the planning nor offer investment advice:  we give you the tools and information you need so you can be an informed consumer, either to do financial planning on your own or to work with a third-party professional.  

Disability planning is a process of collecting, coordinating, and consolidating information about individuals with disability needs to create a well-informed plan for their future.  We can help you break down that process in easy to understand steps you can use to start planning today!

Disability planning activities can help to improve an individual’s quality of life and provide resources for goods and services that are not covered under government benefits programs or private health insurance plans. We provide financial education on a variety of topics including personal wellness, health, public policies and programs (such as savings accounts for people with disabilities), and financial planning information specific to people with disabilities


Bring the benefits of financial education based upon the practice and research of EMU faculty in service to the disability planning needs of all stakeholders in our local, state and national communities.


Facilitate policies where individuals with disabilities are fully enfranchised and equal members of the body politic.

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