Get Notified by Text Message in the Event of a Campus Emergency

Eastern Michigan University uses an alert service provided by Rave Mobile Safety to notify the campus community if an emergency occurs or is imminent. Ready to sign up for Eagle Alerts? Just follow the instructions below for your user group.

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Current Students, Faculty, & Staff

All current students, faculty, and staff are automatically enrolled for email notifications. To receive phone text alerts, you need to enter your mobile phone contact information. Every University community member is strongly encouraged to provide a mobile phone contact. Sign up online. Type "Eastern Michigan University" in the box and follow the instructions. You can add up to three mobile devices and three email addresses.

The system is tested at the start of Fall and Winter terms. Your name and phone number will not be shared and the system is not used for non-emergency purposes.

Message and data rates may apply.

Sign Up Online

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Parents, Families, Vendors, & Visitors

Whether you're a parent, family member, friend, or contractor on campus, you can opt-in to receive SMS Eagle Alert emergency text messages. 

  1. Start a text to 77295
  2. Send a message based on how long you're on campus or how long you want to receive alerts:
    • 1 Day: Type in EMUAlerts1
    • Up to 7 Days: Type in EMUAlerts7
    • More than a week: Type in EMUAlerts (If you opt-in to EmuAlerts, you'll remain subscribed until you unsubscribe.)

Message and data rates may apply.

Sign Up Via Text

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers about how to unsubscribe online or from your phone, and who to contact on the team. If you need information or have questions that haven't been addressed, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

  • How do I unsubscribe? Expand dropdown

    Current Students, Faculty, and Staff

    To stop receiving Eagle Alert emergency text messages, go to and unsubscribe. Under mobile phones, click the x to remove the phone number that you want unsubscribed. 

    NOTE: Students, faculty, and staff cannot opt out of receiving email notifications to their email account.

    Parents, Families, Vendors, and Visitors

    If you signed up to receive alerts for 1 day or up to 7 days, you will be automatically unsubscribed once the period is over.

    Text “LEAVE” plus the keyword that describes the list you subscribed to (EMUAlerts1, EMUAlerts7, or EMUAlerts) to 77295 at any time to unsubscribe.

    Text Leave EMUAlerts1 to 77295 to leave the 1 Day subscriber list.  
    Text Leave EMUAlerts7 to 77295 to leave the 7 Day subscriber list. 
    Text Leave EMUAlerts to 77295 to leave the more than one week list. 

    If you choose "LEAVE," you can subscribe again the next time you're visiting campus.

    Text "STOP" to 77295 to cancel. Note: This is permanent. If you text "STOP," you can never rejoin. 

  • What if I have additional questions? Expand dropdown
    If you have any questions, please contact the Emergency Management Office at 734.487.2270 or email Laura Drabczyk at [email protected].

Contact Us

If you need additional information, have questions, or experience issues signing up for Eagle Alerts, use the buttons below to contact us. We're here to help.