Mark Baydarian Impact Story

Mark Baydarian (BBA77) describes his time at Eastern Michigan as “some of the best years of his life.” For Mark, after graduating from the College of Business and starting on his career path, it only made sense that he would give back to the school that gave him so many opportunities and memories.

The Westland, MI native chose EMU because it was local, and a lot of his high school friends were attending Eastern Michigan as well. Some of his favorite memories were seeing the fall leaves change colors on campus and spending time with friends in downtown Ypsilanti. Even now, Mark and his friends continue to get together to share a meal in that same spot.

“Eastern Michigan was the perfect college atmosphere,” Mark shared. “Close to home, and not too big or small. Professors took a personal interest in my studies and life.”

While attending school, Mark appreciated the blue collar work ethic that is hardwired into the University’s DNA. Many of the students who choose to attend EMU are from working class families, and some juggle multiple jobs along with their course load.

“The students at EMU come from the working class, and because of that they already have a head start in their industries,” Mark explained. “They really learn how to do quality work.”

It was for this reason that Mark decided to make his investments in the Student Emergency Fund for the College of Business. This fund helps students who are unable to pay off their tuition for that semester, allowing them to register for classes and continue their education. 

“I’ve always given modestly to my alma mater, because it is important for EMU to do well,” Mark said. “But when I was approached about the emergency fund, I was immediately attracted to it!” 

By donating to the Student Emergency Fund, Mark knew exactly where his funds were going.

“I give to the emergency fund because it directly supports students that are at risk,” Mark said. “Because of this fund, some students will obtain a degree they might not be able to without the assistance.”

In addition to the satisfaction of knowing you are enabling students to continue their education, many donors receive thank-you notes from student recipients. 

“I share the letters I receive with my wife, and they’re very heartfelt,” Mark explained. “The more I think about the stories I’ve heard, the more I want to give!”

Mark’s successful career all started at Eastern Michigan, and that is why he feels it’s important to see the University succeed.

“I have been so blessed in my career. It all started at Eastern Michigan. I want to see it prosper and continue to give the best education to new students,” says Mark. 

To learn more about how you can get involved with the College of Business Student Emergency Fund, please email Cheryl Kernander, Director of Development for the College of Business, at cke[email protected]