Override Requests and Registration Questions

Course Overrides

To request an override into a course section, whether due to enrollment cap or for a prerequisite override, please contact the instructor listed for the course. If no instructor is listed, please contact the Department Head at [email protected]

Please be aware that enrollment caps cannot always be waived, as restrictions may be in place due to room size or equipment.


Registration Questions

For questions pertaining to problems registering, you may contact the instructor or the department head. We may need to direct you to the registrar's office or to another department.


Equivalency Questions

If you are looking to determine whether a course you took at another institution would be equivalent to an EMU course, please contact an advisor in the affiliated program.


Please be aware that we cannot evaluate Math placement or grant equivalencies for courses outside of those within our department. For transfer equivalency questions, please contact the department with the most similar classes.