The Eastern Michigan University (EMU) weather program supports students in the environmental science, earth science, earth science secondary education, and elementary science education programs. Students can start learning about forecasting weather including severe weather to satisfy their general education requirements. Students have used this to explore a career interest in broadcast meteorology or weather forecasting. Students can continue on to more traditional weather survey and climate change courses that serve the earth and environmental science programs. Students can use these degree programs to continue on to a meteorology or climatology graduate program and compete for graduate assistantships that provide paid tuition, fees, and a stipend. Students can also use the general education experience at EMU with proper advising to complete their four-year meteorology degree program elsewhere starting in their Junior year.


Weather and Climate courses offered the past year:

Weather Analysis

Forecasters and weather students analyze various weather maps, radar and satellite images, weather models and more. These are more data dense than viewed on public media such as TV and phone apps. Use the drop down menus to access publicly available weather data used by weather forecasters.

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This Halloween is a blue moon. A blue moon is the second full moon in a month. Here are some special images of the moon from NOAA satellites.