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EMU Homecoming celebrates the most spirited week on our campus and there are many ways for alumni and fans to show their support of the university no matter where they live.  Homecoming includes an opportunity to catch up with old friends and introduce yourself to new ones at a wide variety of reunions and events.  So bring your family and enjoy all the Homecoming festivities including traditions like the campus march, t-shirt exchange, pep rally, and so much more! There is something for everyone, with many of the events and activities free and open to the public.  Be a part of the traditions and join us for Homecoming 2020!

If you are interested in hosting or co-sponsoring a Homecoming event, please contact one of the Homecoming co-chairs by email. Event requests must be received by May 1 to be included in University Homecoming marketing materials. Please see below for further guidelines on Homecoming events.

  • To be considered an official Homecoming event, the organization sponsoring the event must have at least one representative active on the Homecoming committee year-round.

  • Homecoming events must be unique events showcasing the Homecoming spirit and must reflect the EMU Homecoming mission: to support campus engagement and build school spirit.

  • The event must be open to MINIMALLY one of the following groups: all current students; all alumni; all faculty/staff

People celebrating Homecoming
There's nothing quite like a beautiful fall day on campus.  Not only is there a hint of chill in the air and the beginning of leaves changing on all the trees, but there are distinctive sounds of laughter, cheers, and roars from homecoming games past. That's right it's the annual homecoming game at The Factory in Rynearson Stadium.
People throwing colors in the air
Many students gather every year at the annual field day activities for a chance to compete against each other in a wide variety events to claim exclusive campus prizes.
Picture of the stadium


The football team is ready, the barbeque is about to go on the grill and the entire campus community is ready to welcome you.  Make your plans today to join all the fun as the Eagles take on the Black Knights of Army at Westpoint.  

football helmet