Affiliation Agreements

EMU’s Legal Affairs office facilitates the development of Affiliation Agreements.  An Affiliation Agreement is a contract that formalizes a student's engagement in a practical experience, internship, or clinical experience at any non-EMU placement site.  Affiliation Agreements are completed in advance of a student’s practical experience, internship, or clinical experience and are essential to making clear the expectations for EMU students and the sites where the students are placed.  Affiliation Agreements may be required by a student’s academic program. They also protect EMU and our students by outlining the terms, conditions, and responsibilities expected from EMU and the placement sites where EMU students are assigned.

In general, if an EMU student will fulfill any part of a degree or non-degree program at a non-EMU location, an affiliation agreement is required prior to the beginning of the experience.

Within Legal Affairs, the Affiliation Agreements Coordinator is responsible for the preparation, revision,  review, and execution of these agreements. The Coordinator also ensures Affiliation Agreement procedures and guidelines are followed.

The Affiliation Agreements Coordinator maintains an Affiliation Agreements database that includes active, pending, closed, and expired Affiliation Agreements. The Affiliation Agreement database is searchable by (system assigned) ID number, Facility name (Organization), or Program name.

For more information and any questions regarding the Affiliation Agreement process, please contact the Affiliation Agreements Coordinator at [email protected] or via phone 734.487.1055.

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