Graduate Music Application & Audition Day Registration Form

In addition to completing this registration form, students must also apply to the EMU Graduate School. Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in music or its equivalent.


If you have questions concerning the Music & Dance application process, please contact Dr. Donald Babcock, Admissions Coordinator.

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Program Selection
Audition Date
For MM Conducting Candidates only
Principal Instrument / Voice Audition

Required of students applying for the Master of Music in Performance or Piano Pedagogy degree. Optional for those applying for the Master of Music in Music Education or Composition degree.

Accompanists are not required for instrumental auditions, but are required for voice auditions. Vocalists may bring their own accompanist or one will be provided. Vocalists should contact the School of Music & Dance at: [email protected] no later than one week prior to auditions if they plan to bring an accompanist.
Repertoire List

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