Riverside Arts Center Exhibition and Events

Way Opens

What does “disabled” mean to such a broad range of people who identify as such? Join us this November for the Disability Arts & Culture exhibit, packed with powerful, creative expression. From serious to playful, from the mundane to the metaphor, object-based to performance-based… the work is diverse in medium and message.  Bring your open mind and explore the many ways art can open connections. Discover how we can be both singular AND similar. 

Juried by Gwynneth VanLaven and Petra Kuppers.  Performances by InterPlay and MCs on opening night (November 1) start at 7 p.m.  Performances on closing night (November 22) are from 6-8 p.m. by Amber DiPietra, part of the Eco-Arts Think/Act Tank at the University of Michigan.


The exhibit Way Opens includes works from the following artists: 

  • Marc Arthur
  • Morgaine Fambrough
  • David A. Feingold
  • Stephanie Heit
  • Jacqueline Johnson
  • Kei Kaimana
  • Rachel Kollman
  • Britney Leedy
  • Gillian Moore
  • Megan O'Dell
  • The Olimpias
  • Duncan Reitz
  • Tarlton Renard Small
  • Chanika Svetvilas
  • Oaklee Thiele
  • Thomas Vanetten
  • Gwyneth VanLaven
  • Laurie Wetcher

For more information, visit Riverside Arts Center Website.

Access Tools: The exhibit includes large printed programs and audio description of pieces 

Nov. 15 Access Ball

7–11 p.m.

Come enjoy a disability-centered dance space in the Off Center. The playlist for the evening will be created by Karlie Ebersole, one of the organizers of DisabiliTea. Only the first hour of the event will include music that intends to be family-friendly. Follow the event in their Facebook Page.

Access Tools: Open Captions, Noise Canceling Headphones, Quiet Spaces

Nov. 22 Performance night.

Part of the Eco-Arts Think/Act Tank at the University of Michigan

7–9 p.m.  Performances at Riverside Arts Center's Off Center. 

Bree Gant, Detroit: Otherlogue. A performance exploring the relationship between ritual and mental health for Black womenfolx

Amber DiPietra, Florida: The Opposite of Evolution Dance Studio. Humans, manatees, embodiment, somatics, disability, sensual labor

For more information about the rest of activities of Eco-Arts Think/Act Tank, visit their website.

Access Tools: ASL and Quiet Spaces

Dec. 2 EMU Disability Arts and Culture Performance Night.

Check our full schedule to see the performers for that night.

Access Tools: ASL, CART, Large Printed Programs, Open Captions and Quiet Spaces