Resources for Presenters

During the Day Symposium Presentations

This list of resources and links comes from the Kennedy Center  (LEAD Conference)

At the conference:

  • Always speak into a microphone so your comments can be heard over the assistive listening system. Gently remind audience members to do the same when engaging in a conversation or asking a question.
  • Describe what is on your slides and when you point or gesture, please remember to give a succinct description of what you are pointing at or gesturing towards – especially if it is important to the point you are trying to make.
  • Feel free to move tables and chairs around but remember to leave clear paths of travel accessible to people using wheelchairs and scooters.
  • Stick to the schedule! Break time is important – be sure to start and end your session on time!
  • If service providers are in your room (interpreters, CART writers, audio describers), consider checking in before you begin your session to let them know about the structure of your session, and to provide any specialized vocabulary, etc.
  • Please avoid wearing perfume, cologne, and other fragrances, and use unscented personal care products in order to provide a fragrance-free environment.

Digital slides and handouts must be accessible. Here are a few resources to help you get started:

Performance Night Presentations

 In order to provide access services, performers will need to provide us with scripts of their performance two-week prior to December 2. This will allow ASL interpreters and captioners to prepare the material in advance. In addition, if you have a video of the performance, please, share it with us so audio describers can prepare in advance.

Send scripts and video links to: email [email protected].