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Out of the Darkness Campus Walk
Friday, September 29 at 4pm
at the EMU Lake House

Opening Comments from Congresswoman Debbie Dingell

SAFE Now, in conjunction with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, is hosting an Out of the Darkness Campus Walk on Sept. 29. Registration starts at 3pm!

The Out of the Darkness Campus Walk is a 50/50 fundraiser. 50% of the proceeds come to EMU to support our effort to end the stigma and fear surrounding issues of mental health and suicide. You can sign up to participate as an individual, or in a team - like your student organization!

Our goal with this event is to talk about suicide prevention and reducing the stigma about mental illness - we welcome everyone to come, regardless of ability to donate!

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To learn more, contact:

Tanya McCune
SAMHSA Grant Co-Coordinator


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 Watch now: What is SAFE Now?


Click here for SAFE Now Personal Stories

The mission of EMU SAFE Now is to decrease the negative stigma on our campus that surrounds talking about suicide and other mental health issues. Our Personal Stories series features EMU students who wanted to share their stories of overcoming struggles related to mental health and mental illness.

Click here to download SAFE Now Posters!

EMU SAFE Now has new informational posters available for you to download and share! We house our posters on our Posters page. New posters will be available soon!