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Anionic Surfactants Lethal to Gram Positive Bacteria

Technology #3009.1

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We have discovered a class of anionic surfactants that are lethal to Gram positive bacteria, and as such promise to be effective as additives in antibacterial coatings in paints and related consumer, hospital, and industrial interior and exterior coating formulations. These anionic surfactants also promise to be effective as local and systemic agents for the treatment of various diseases caused by Gram positive bacteria, such as staphylococcal infections, streptococcal infections, bacterial pneumonia, and Bacillus anthracis infections.

These invention surfactants are advantageous over the few known anionic surfactants, such as sodium dodecylsulfate, known to be active against Gram positive bacteria, because the surfactants of the present invention hydrolyze much more easily and are more easily eliminated from the body.

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