Why I Chose EMU

Alyssa Misiak: ‘Eastern was the right fit.’

Alyssa Misiak—a Special Education: K-12 Communications Sciences and Disorders Elementary Endorsement student—says she looked into attending EMU because her mom is an alumna. But Misiak knew Eastern was right during her first campus visit.

“The people I met made eye contact and smiled,” she says. “I didn’t have the same warm feeling when I visited other campuses. When I met with Eastern faculty, they were committed to my full success. And that hasn’t changed. Some professors I had as a freshman still check in with me to see how I’m doing.”

Her favorite class to date is Visual Art for Elementary Teachers.

“I was really into art classes in high school, so I loved being able to take a college course that combined my passion with my degree,” Misiak says. “The projects were a blast. My personal favorite was when we made our own puppets. I made one of President Obama.”

Alyssa Misiak

Sharing her passion

Misiak joined EMU’s Admissions team as a campus tour guide so she could share her passion for the university with others.

“All the tour guides want future students to succeed, so we tell them what we wanted to hear while we were on those tours,” she says. “It’s our way of giving advice about all the things we learned. It’s a fun and energetic job. And there’s no better group for singing the EMU fight song.”

In a short time, Eastern began to feel like a second home to Misiak.

“Both the Ypsilanti and EMU community have made my college experience amazing,” she says. “Take a campus tour with me and you’ll see how excited everyone is to welcome you as an Eagle.”


Join Alyssa and other EMU tour guides for live chats every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 - 7 p.m. 

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