Why I Chose EMU

Desmine Robinson: ‘Eastern is about opportunity.’

“I chose Eastern for its highly ranked psychology program, but discovered the university offers so much more,” says Desmine Robinson, a Psychology major from Taylor. “I really appreciate the many lessons I learned about the world and myself.”

Desmine plans on becoming a mental health therapist after graduating in 2020. In his classes, he learned skills directly applicable to his field.

“My Listening Behavior class taught me a lot about how to be a better communicator,” he says. “Skills like ‘perception checking’ are things I use in daily life and encourage my friends to use.”

Desmine Robinson

Diversity and inclusion

Eastern is known as one of the most culturally diverse universities in the Midwest—something Desmine quickly discovered.

“There are so many opportunities at EMU to meet new people and learn things I never had the chance to in high school,” he says. “I’ve made great friends with people from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Nigeria and more countries.

Inclusion is another key component of the Eastern experience, which Desmine entirely embraced.

“Because EMU is so diverse, I’ve celebrated and mourned world issues with people who are most impacted,” he says. “I’ve enjoyed standing in support of safety for the LGBTQ community, the acceptance of Muslims, accessibility for people with disabilities, maintaining and encouraging retention for students of color, and combating mental health stigma. It’s all been very rewarding.”

Just as Desmine discovered his passion for activism, he encourages new students to invest time beyond the classroom to learn things about themselves.

“Come to Eastern with an open mind and get involved,” he says. “Really get your money’s worth by exploring all Eastern has to offer. Besides making you more marketable, your experiences will add to the quality of your academic education and what you learn about life.”

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