Why I Chose EMU

Hajer Abuzir: ‘I love the leadership opportunities.’

“I immediately felt welcome at Eastern because there is such a diverse student population,” says Hajer Abuzir, a Biology major student from Westland. “That was very encouraging. I felt like I really fit in on campus.”

As a Muslim, Hajer especially enjoyed learning more about her faith while taking Global History of Islam.

“I learned far more than I’d ever pick up in a Sunday school class,” she says. “We had a great professor who got us very involved. There were less than 20 students in the class, which made it feel like a little community. Eastern advocates for smaller class sizes, which allows professors to connect with you.”

Hajer Abuzir

Personal growth

As an Honors College student with a student fellowship, Hajer has honed her leadership skills as a planner of on-campus events and activities.

“I created the Honors Running Club, Coffee Hour events and the Arab American Heritage Festival,” she says. “Before college, I’d never really been in charge of organizing clubs or events. Those experiences have been very valuable and meaningful.

“I’ve also recently been elected vice-president of the student body, which is a huge role. Besides advocating for Eastern students, it’s another way to continuously improve my leadership abilities.”

Hajer adds her Eastern experience has opened up a world of possibilities. She wants to attend medical school after graduating.

“Eastern helps you become the person you want to be,” she says. “This is a place for you to grow and learn not only intellectually, but also personally.”

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