Why I Chose EMU

Makyah Henderson: ‘Everyone at Eastern is genuine and focused on becoming successful.’

“I chose Eastern because of the Education Program and the inclusive diversity within the campus,” says Makyah Henderson, a Social Work major. “I have created friendships and connections that have made this experience more memorable than ever.”

Henderson, a junior from Eastpointe, Mich., says she enjoys the living and learning communities, citing how driven her peers are.

Makyah Henderson

Rich diversity

As a freshman, Henderson was a part of the Sisterhood Scholars Program, which focuses on helping women of color transition from high school to college with the help of mentors and staff. “This program helped me to become a resident advisor and I was able to have so many resources for scholarships and connections around campus,” Henderson says. The Sisterhood Scholars live together on the second floor of Sellers Hall and help each other study and grow.

“When I first came to college, I didn't know anyone, and I didn't have the highest GPA in high school. By the time I ended my freshman year at Eastern, I had two jobs and a 3.9 GPA. That program was a blessing and truly has helped me become a great student.”

In the Social Work Program, Henderson likes being able to discuss country-wide issues with her peers in a safe environment. Her favorite class is Social Work 200, a class that focuses on human diversity and social justice.

“I can feel safe as a woman of color pouring out my feelings about the problems that our country faces.”

Her advice to incoming students? “Never lose sight of the reason you are here, but don’t forget to take time out for yourself and your mental health.”

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