President's Commission on Women

701 Pray Harrold
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197
[email protected]

Members of the Commission

Mary-Elizabeth Murphy, Chair
Associate Professor, History, [email protected]


Marilyn Corsianos
Professor, Criminology, [email protected]

Colleen Croxall
Associate Professor and Director, School of Health Sciences, [email protected]

Kate Mehuron
Professor, Philosophy, [email protected]

Diane Winder
Professor Emerita, Music, [email protected]


Brooke Boyst
Library Associate [email protected]

Kathryn Farkas
Staff, Sexual Misconduct Prevention & Response Office, [email protected]

Matthew Gregory
Title IX Coordinator, Sexual Misconduct Prevent & Response Office, [email protected]

Erin Kido
Deputy Athletic Director, [email protected]

Deanna Kowalewski
Coordinator, Women's Resource Center, [email protected]

Kim Lanham
Title IX and Civil Rights Investigator, [email protected]

Stephanie Petsch
Assistant Director, Financial Aid, [email protected]

Kathryn Wilhoff
Director, Environmental Health & Safety, [email protected]




Monioluwa Ogunleye
Graduate Student, Women's & Gender Studies, [email protected]


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