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Message from Dean Thomas K. Venner

Dean Thomas Venner

Dean Thomas K. Venner

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the College of Arts and Sciences web site.

It is my practice at the annual Fall College Meeting in September to sketch a number of ideas and plans for college in the year ahead. Many of them will be of interest to those of us who work here every day. For our visitors, I offer them in order to give you a perspective on some important directions in the college.

 Career Guidance

Mentioned by students with some regularity is the desire for help focusing their education on the future. The college will collaborate with the office of Career Services, Advising and others to provide ways for students to identify career opportunities and to align their studies with their long-term goals. We will increase the help students receive with career guidance and preparation.

 Special Academic Projects

A few of the more ambitious projects for this year (and possibly beyond) include a Digital Media Production Center, a Non-Profit Incubator to serve as a hub for outreach and service to the community, and an Arts, Design and Technology project to find synergies that will lead to programmatic and facilities enhancements.


Annual Report

Annual Report

It is important to share and communicate. In addition to this web site, brown-bag luncheons and "teas" with the dean, annual reporting and use of normal channels, I have launched a "CAS eNewsletter." The intent is to share brief news with all college personnel about college-level matters electronically on a bi-weekly basis. We are also exploring some new tools like mobile apps and digital displays for our larger buildings.

 Facilities Improvements

In cooperation with Physical Plant, we are making progress on some long-standing facilities problems. Our Art Department's sculpture program will move into new quarters. The departments of Music and Dance and World Languages will see improvements in the Alexander Building. English as a Second Language (ESL) has found a home in King Hall, as has the Dyer Center for the Study of Equality and Human Rights.

The college will continue to look at ways to improve – by strengthening the ways we support interdisciplinarity, improving how we assess student learning, making ourselves more efficient in the way we offer programs, advising students, helping faculty and students to engage internationally, strengthening the research enterprise and more.

Thanks for reading!

Tom Venner, Dean

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