Eastern Michigan University

Program Degrees Department College
Supply Chain Management Major B.B.A. Marketing Business
Accounting Information Systems Major B.B.A. Accounting and Finance Business
Accounting Major B.B.A. Accounting and Finance Business
Management Major with Concentrations B.B.A. Management Business
Economics Major B.B.A. Economics Business
International Business Major B.B.A. Marketing Business
Marketing Major B.B.A. Marketing Business
General Business Major B.B.A. Management Business
Entrepreneurship Major B.B.A. Management Business
Computer Information Systems Major B.B.A. Computer Information Systems Business
K-12 Arts Education B.A.E. Art Arts and Sciences
Computer Science - Applied Major B.A./B.S. Computer Science Arts and Sciences
Secondary Education Earth Science Major B.A./B.S. Geography and Geology Arts and Sciences
Professional Chemistry Major B.A./B.S. Chemistry Arts and Sciences
Elementary Education Early Childhood Education Major (ECE) B.A./B.S. Teacher Education Education
Secondary Education Integrated Science Comprehensive Group Major B.A./B.S. Physics and Astronomy Arts and Sciences
Geography Major - Geo-Tourism Concentration B.A./B.S. Geography and Geology Arts and Sciences
Women's and Gender Studies Major B.A./B.S. Women’s and Gender Studies Arts and Sciences
Special Education Major K-12 Emotional Impairment Endorsement - Elementary B.A./B.S. Special Education Education
Distribution Operations & Technical Sales Major B.A./B.S. School of Technology Studies Technology

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