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Graduate School

Time to Degree

Students have seven years to complete the requirements for the doctoral degree from the date of first enrollment in the doctoral program at EMU (see the section on doctoral programs). Specialist’s degree requirements must be completed within six years of degree admission if entering with a master’s degree or eight years if entering with a bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree requirements must be completed within six (6) years of first enrollment the master’s degree program. Graduate 13 certificate requirements must be completed within three years of first enrollment in a course applicable to the certificate.

Regardless of time limitations above, no student will be allowed to graduate using any coursework older than 10 years, whether it be taken at EMU or at another institution.

Petition for Modification or Waiver of Policy Form

Instructions on how to use the online petition system can be found under Petitions for Modification/Waiver of Policy.

Faculty Resources

Graduate School, 200 Boone Hall Phone: 734.487.0042,