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Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) is a data reporting tool that transforms data into useful insights, available anytime, anywhere.

Benefits include:

  • Multiple Tabs - when you open a report, it opens in a separate tab. This allows you to open multiple reports at one time. 
  • Pin a Report to a Tab - when you click the Pin icon, that tab will automatically open the next time you log in to BOE. You will still have to fill in the parameters and run the report, but the report will already be open each time you log in. 
  • Parameter Lists - when a parameter list exceeds 200 items, the list is divided into sections. You can navigate between the sections using the pull-down menu, or the right and left-arrow buttons.

Support & Contact Information

  • Security Access - BOE security access can be obtained from the Banner Access page.
  • Login - Log in to BOE from the Banner Launch page. Contact the IT Help Desk for login and password assistance.

Supported Business Processes

Instruction (Topics)

  • Logging in - Firefox is the preferred browser.
  • Categories The reports are organized into categories, visible on the left-hand side of the interface. You need to navigate into the category tree to view reports.
  • Viewing on Demand (VOD)  - Allows you to query live data to get the latest data available.
  • Navigating a Report - Navigate through the pages of a report.
  • Printing a Report You must change your print preferences to print pages from BOE.
  • Exporting a Report You can export a VOD report as an Excel file for further sorting. 
  • Filtering in Excel  Filter in MS Excel to display only the rows of data that meet certain conditions.
  • Accessing Static Reports - Accessing reports that are run overnight and stored as static report instances
  • Accessing from Off Campus You cannot access BOE from your home, or the campus wireless network, unless you connect using the  Virtual Private Network (VPN). 
Division of Information Technology

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