Excellent Teachers Engaging Alumni Award (ETEA2)

This award is a tradition of the Eastern Michigan University Alumni Association to honor our faculty for their teaching excellence. Annually, the Alumni Association recognizes faculty who involve alumni in academic programs and courses to enrich the academic experience for students.

The Alumni Association of Eastern Michigan University is committed to providing encouragement and incentive for superior teaching achievement. The Alumni Association recognizes the importance and significance of the interaction of the teacher and student as the essence of the educational experience at EMU. In addition, the Alumni Association encourages the engagement of alumni to supplement the classroom experience and the participation in philanthropic activities by EMU professors through the ETEA2 program.  


  • Nominations must be for an EMU educator, faculty member, or instructor who has held a teaching appointment at EMU for three or more complete academic years.  For this award, an academic year consists of two semesters of instruction per calendar year, with spring and summer terms equating to one half semester. 
  • Former recipients of the ETEA2 are not eligible until five years after receiving the first award. 
  • To be considered, a complete nomination form must be submitted.
  • Nominations must have a one page narrative, completed by the nominator. The narrative should address how the faculty/instructor has impacted their educational experience and outline any philanthropic activities.
  • Nominations must have letters of recommendation to support the nomination.  No more than three one page letters of support will be accepted. Nominations made by faculty and/or instructors must be accompanied by letters of support from students and alumni. 
  • Other supporting documents such as a resume or vita, articles, biography, or photos are accepted and highly recommended.
  • All nominations will stay on file and be considered for three consecutive years.

A selection committee made up of Alumni Board members review the applications annually.  


  • Possess a comprehensive knowledge of the field, have a scholarly grasp of the subject matter, and an abiding interest in the area of study.
  • Organize and present subject matter effectively. What is taught makes sense to the student and is consistent with the objectives of the course; interrelationships are suggested between the subject matter and the course and with other fields of learning or society.
  • Stimulate thinking and develop understanding from students. The student's intellect is challenged; critical thinking and an open-minded attitude are encouraged to the end that the student becomes more self-directing in this field of knowledge.
  • Arouses interest. The student likes what they are experiencing and finds it significant in personal terms and in relation to educational purposes.
  • Demonstrates resourcefulness. Makes good use of alumni and material resources and uses techniques of teaching appropriate to the course and the specific class or situation.

ETEA2 Nomination Form

Nominations for the 2023 ETEA2 will open on July 1, 2022 and will be received through Friday, January 20, 2023. 

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