Alumni Community Support

The Eastern Michigan University Alumni Association recognizes the importance of supporting our alumni communities. We are committed to helping our alumni groups thrive and succeed in their endeavors. Below you will find available support, guidelines, and procedures for the Alumni Chapter Grant Program.

Funding Guidelines and Procedure


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    • Limited Funds: Please note that funds for the grant program are limited, and the availability of funding is solely determined by the Alumni Association Chapters Committee.
    • Maximum Request: The maximum sponsorship request for a chapter is $1,000. Chapters have the option to submit one request for the maximum amount or multiple smaller requests.
    • Separate Requests: If making multiple smaller requests, each request should be submitted separately using the provided application form. It is essential to adhere to all University funding procedures.
    • Submission Review: Request are reviewed only during the Chapters Committee’s quarterly meetings (September, November, February, and May). 

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    The Chapters Committee considers various grant requests, including but not limited to:

    • Conferences: Support for printing, giveaways, food, and venue expenses.
    • Award Programs or Ceremonies: Assistance with awards, signage, printing, and venue costs.
    • Fundraiser/Philanthropic Events: Funding for printing, venue, and entertainment expenses.
    • Networking Socials: Sponsorship of rental fees for networking events.
    • Membership Drives: Assistance with postage for membership recruitment initiatives.
      Recurring Equipment: Support for banners, tents, and tablecloth purchases.
      Graduation Events: Aid with expenses related to cakes, giveaways, food, and venue arrangements.

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    The Alumni Association does not provide funding for the following types of requests:

    • Events, programs, and marketing that conflict directly with the EMU Alumni Association's activities.
    • Alcohol-related expenses.
    • Events solely funded by an Alumni Association grant.
    • Tailgates at football games where the Alumni Association already hosts a tailgate. Chapters or networks can reserve seating in the Alumni Association tailgate tent.
    • Request from unapproved chapters or groups. 
    • Grants submitted by a campus department without the chapter's support.

    *All University funding procedures must be followed.


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    • Submission: Complete the online Grant Application at least six weeks before the funds are needed. Ensure that the application includes an itemized event budget and invoices for the requested items or services.
    • Review: The Office for Alumni Relations will forward the grant request to the Alumni Association Chapters Committee for review. Request are reviewed only during the Chapters Committee’s quarterly meetings (September, November, February, and May). 
    • Notification: Within 7-10 days of the grant's submission, the Office for Alumni Relations will inform the applicant of the Chapters Committee decision. 
Please contact the Office for Alumni & Donor Engagement if you have questions, to brainstorm ideas, or to learn about space on campus available to host events. Helping you build a successful alumni community is our goal. EMAIL:  [email protected]


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