EMU Latino Alumni Chapter

The purpose of the Latino Alumni Chapter is to promote Latino cultural awareness, provide support, to ensure academic excellence among Latino students and serve as a bridge between EMU and the community at large. We help students through scholarships such as the Carlos El Jefe Endowed Scholarship, the EMU Latino Alumni Chapter Endowed Scholarship and the Roy Casanova Endowed Scholarship.

Chapter History

The EMU Latino Alumni Chapter became official February 6, 1999, through a group of dedicated alumni who had a vision to enhance the university's commitment to Latino students and bring awareness to the uniqueness of being Latino. The chapter has collaborated with various University departments in the recruitment and retention of Latinos, supporting the EMU Latino students and doing community outreach. A milestone for the chapter was to be recognized on October 7, 2000, as Chapter of the Year during EMU Homecoming weekend. The EMU Latino Student Association also expressed it's appreciation during the annual Latino Student Awards banquet April 19, 2002, when the chapter was presented with the Organization of the Year Award. 

The chapter has been working just as hard in recent years with the showing of the Dolores Huerta Movie in December of 2017. The event which consisted of a Q&A Pannel and Reception, was completed in 35 days and for under $1,500. The event also included several special guest, all of whom offered great advice to students and alumni. Mark your calendars! The Second Annual event will be taking place on September 22, 2018. This year also marked the 10th Annual Ceser Chavez Day of Celebration event. Two scholarships were awarded, guest speakers included a former migrant worker who spoke about his life, and finally the event had over 50 high school students in attendance! 

Contact Info

Marina Reyna – President
[email protected]

Joes Ramirez – Vice President

Teresa Brown – Treasurer

Lorena Salazar – Secretary

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