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Student Organizations

There are several student organizations affiliated with the School of Art & Design. Below is a list of currently active student organizations:

AIGA EMU Student Chapter

AIGA, the professional association for design, believes designers serve a critical role as communicators, educators and innovators. AIGA sets the national agenda for the role of design in economic, social, political, cultural and creative contexts. Our student chapter is affiliated with the AIGA Detroit professional chapter. Form more information visit and

School of Art & Design Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassadors are a faculty-nominated group of advanced-level undergraduate studio students who serve as mentors to foundations-level and prospective students. Among their roles are: giving Powerpoint presentations of studio-area work to the 2D and 3D Design courses each semester and talking about their experiences in EMU's School of Art & Design; giving department tours; attending recruiting events; meeting with potential and prospective EMU art students.

Masters of Art & Design Association

The Masters of Art & Design Association is a graduate student art organization and is composed of MA/MFA candidates and recent alumni & faculty of EMU. In addition to hosting the MADA Studio Tour event biannually, they also host lectures, gallery shows off campus, retreats to our Parsons facility, and meet and greet events to connect the community of art graduate students together.

Intermedia Gallery Group

IGG's mission as part of a greater art community is to present exhibitions, happenings, activities, and other art-based educational programming which represent a wide range of media, cultures, and ideas. As defined, this permits for a great deal of flexibility to present a varied and lively program. Criteria for selecting pieces/exhibitions include artistic excellence, diversity of aesthetics, and attention to social and cultural contexts allowing for artists’ experimentation and growth and the educational potential of each. As part of our educational mission, we are in a unique position to explore challenging subjects and provide a not-for-profit venue for artists whose work may or may not be best suited to non-commercial spaces. IGG yields a broad and comprehensive artistic vision which embraces both the educational values of the university along with those of a diverse audience. Follow them on instagram@intermediaemu

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