Parsons Center

The EMU Parsons Center for the Study of Art and Science is located on 86 acres of wooded land in northern Michigan, approximately 15 minutes from Traverse City. The property contains housing and studio space where a variety of classes and workshops are held that take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings.

The Center is the legacy of the late Jean Parsons, renowned sculptor and potter, and is run by the College of Arts & Sciences with attention from the School of Art & Design and the departments of Biology and Psychology at Eastern Michigan University.

The Parsons Center for the Study of Art and Science.

Housing and Facilities

Dorm style rooms in the new Sleeping Lodge include a twin bed, bunk bed (each room sleeps 3), chairs, dressers and closets.  Students should plan on bringing their own sleeping bag, sheets, blankets, pillows and towels as well as all personal bathroom items like soap, shampoo etc.

Though arrangements vary from class to class, students generally take care of their own breakfast and lunch. Dinner is typically communal style, cooked by members of the class. The Dining Commons has a well-equipped kitchen. Frequent trips into Traverse City and Lake Ann allow adequate access to groceries.


5833 Bellows Lake Road
Lake Ann, MI 49650
877.368.8289 | Fax: 231.995.1751

For further information visit the Parsons Center page.

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