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The School of Art & Design is committed to providing the best experience possible for students both in and out of the classroom. Our advising system is designed to ensure that students meet regularly with faculty members in the department in order to discuss their program of study, course schedules and larger goals for their experience at Eastern.


Fall 2024 School of Art & Design Courses


Summer 2024 School of Art & Design Courses


Graduate Advising

All prospective and current graduate students, as well as students in the department on a non-degree basis meet with our graduate coordinator:

Leslie Atzmon

Professor & Grad Coordinator

Picture of Leslie Atzmon




[email protected]

Undergraduate Advising

All majors and minors in the department are assigned a permanent faculty advisor that they are expected to meet with each semester during the open advising period (usually from the week before registration begins until two weeks into registration). This ensures that students stay on track with timelines for graduation and get the most possible out of their experience at Eastern.

New Majors and Minors

New majors and minors should fill out an online declaration of major/minor form, then contact the School of Art & Design to be assigned a faculty advisor. Once assigned a faculty advisor, they should meet with that advisor during the next open advising period.

Need a Faculty Advisor? 

Undergraduate major/minor students should contact the School of Art & Design to be assigned a permanent faculty advisor: 

Jennifer Stavros

Senior Secretary

Picture of Jennifer Stavros




[email protected]

Transfer Students

Upon acceptance to the university, students with transfer credits in art must meet with our professional advisor in the Francine Parker Center (located in the Student Center), in order to have those transfer credits evaluated. Then they will be assigned a permanent faculty advisor.

Vanessa Gardner

Francine Parker Undergraduate Advisor

No photo Available

Francine Parker Advising Center Room 120

Student Center


[email protected]

Spring/Summer Advising (non-transfer students)

Student should make every effort to meet with their faculty advisors during open advising periods. In those instances where students require advising in the spring and summer, their permanent faculty advisor might not be available. In this case, students should call the Art Office (734.487.1268) or Sarah Krizan in the Francine Parker Center.

How to Request an Override

An “override” is special permission to register for a class. Common reasons for overrides are to exceed the course capacity, to waive a prerequisite or class standing restriction, or to register late. Overrides are granted at the instructor’s discretion. To request an override, email the instructor from your account with this information:

  • Your E#
  • The CRN of the course
  • The reason for the override request

Additional Questions

For any other questions, please contact the School of Art & Design's director:

Sandra Murchison

Director & Full Professor

Image of Sandra Murchison




[email protected]

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