Our Mission

We Support Your Goals

Who We Are

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Advising Center provides support and guidance for students interested in career paths within CAS.  We are also a resource for faculty and staff as well as those in the community who have connections to and interest in the CAS programs.


These are some of the services we offer.

  • Program Advising (Freshman to Senior year)
  • 2nd Bachelor Advising
  • Degree Auditing
  • Navigating Academic Policies and Services
  • Servicing all transfer student needs


We offer the following programs to assist you in your success.

  • Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR)
  • Group advising
  • Starfish: first alert management system
  • Classroom presentations


We offer the following resources to assist you in your success.

  • U.achieve: electronic degree auditing
  • Early academic alerts
  • Facilitating faculty advising relationships
  • Clubs/Organizations
  • CAS specific job/information sites


Who we serve:

  • CAS undergraduate students
  • CAS faculty and staff
  • Community colleges
  • Undecided students with an interest in CAS fields


The value we bring:

  • Increased graduation rates
  • Advising & teaching
  • Better understanding of University policies
  • Sustainable degree completion
  • Maintain communication between stakeholders
  • Persistence & completion

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