Quick Question Advising

Summer 2024 Quick Question Advising

(May 8th - August 21st)


  • Wednesdays 1-4pm via Zoom
    • Quick Question Advising is reserved for admitted students.
    • You will be placed into the waiting room until it is your turn.  
    • Drop-in meetings can last no more than 10 minutes.
    • Advisors reserve the right to ask you to make an individual appointment if your issue or question is not suitable for the drop-in format.


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If you are having issues, please contact our office 734.487.4599 or email [email protected]

What is quick question advising? 


Some topics that can be addressed in drop-in are:

    • Understanding PINS on your account
    • Current course concerns
    • Audit questions
    • Changing Major/Minor/Concentrations


Topics that cannot be addressed in drop-in advising:

    • Full semester course planning
    • Incoming Transfer appointments 
    • Second Bachelor Degree appointments 
    • Incoming first-year appointments
    • Billing, Financial Aid, or Housing questions (please contact Student Business Services, Financial Aid, and Housing respectively)