Basics of Paints and Coatings, Applications and Testing

Date: May 10-13, 2022
Course Fee: $1,125

Location: Virtual
Instructor: Vijay Mannari, Ph.D.


This entry-level course is designed to provide up-to-date information on paints and coating materials used in today’s industrial, architectural and specialty applications. The course introduces fundamentals concepts and then builds thorough understanding of composition, film-formation mechanism, and applications of currently used technologies of coating materials – Solvent based, water-borne, high-solid, Powder, and UV-cure coatings. Useful discussion on the role of raw materials, coating formulation, comparison of different technologies, manufacturing and application processes, testing and evaluation will provide a strong foundation and practical knowledge of coating materials and technologies. 

Who should attend?

This course is specifically designed to provide a thorough fundamental understanding and working knowledge of today's coatings and paints. It is highly recommended for beginners or new entrants - scientists, chemists and technicians, marketing, technical sales, paint users, customer support staff, field representatives, manufacturing personnel and all others who need a broad understanding of this dynamic and complex technology. Prior knowledge of paints and coatings is not required for understanding of the concepts discussed in this course.

What you will learn:       

  • Coating composition: The basic role of coating ingredients and properties.
  • Types of paints/coatings and current technologies.
  • Fundamentals of coating formulations.
  • Manufacturing process and equipment.
  • Testing and evaluation methods and protocols


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