(Virtual) Fundamentals of Resins and Polymers for Paints and Coatings

Date: June 8-11,2021
Course Fee: $1,125
Location: Virtual Course
Instructor: Vijay Mannari, Ph.D.


Resins and polymers are the most important components of paints and coatings. Final properties and applications of coatings are mainly dictated by the type of resin, their chemistry, crosslinking, beside other factors. With the availability of different coating technologies today such as water-based, powder coatings, high-solids and UV-cure, the chemistry formulation and applications of resins has become more complex. This course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the major resin types, how are they prepared and how resins are designed for specific end-use applications. As such, the course will cover all major resin types used in solvent-based, water-borne, high-solids, UV-cure coatings and their cross-linking technologies.

Who should attend?

This course will be useful for those who are involved in resin/coating/ink/adhesive product development, formulators, technical service personnel, coatings/resin specifiers, technical sales and customer support staff, research and development chemists and all others who seek knowledge in this specific area.

What you will learn

  • Develop an overall understanding of resins and polymers and their currently used technologies
  • Learn how resins are designed (formulated) and prepared, and how one resin type is different from another (e.g. water-borne vs high-solid resins)
  • Learn what the numbers means in resin Technical Data Sheets (TDS)
  • Gain a valuable understanding of cross-linking techniques and how they are leveraged for property development in coatings
  • Learn how resins are designed for low VOC and green and sustainable coatings and their future trends

Course Outline

Day One

  • Introduction and overview of coatings and resin technologies
  • Fundamentals of polymers and types of polymerization reactions
  • Resins for Coatings: Requirements and types of resins

Day Two

  • Waterborne resin technologies
  • Acrylic Resins for Coatings: Chemistry and technology
  • Acrylic Resins for Coatings: Emulsion polymerizaton and latex

Day Three

  • Alkyds and polyester resin
  • Resin formulation and calculations - step-growth polymers
  • Epoxy Resins: Chemistry and technology (cont.)

Day Four

  • Chemistry and technology of ployurethane systems for coatings
  • Testing and evaluation of resins
  • Advance and Sustainable Resins: Bio-renewable material-bases resins, UV-curable, high-solids, resin systems and non-irocyante polyurethanes


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