(Virtual) Waterborne Coatings: Technology Formulations & Applications

Date: July 9-12, 2024
Course Fee: $1,225

Location: Virtual
Instructor: Vijay Mannari, Ph.D.


This course is specifically designed to provide a detailed understanding of the technology of waterborne resins and waterborne coatings. Putting in perspective with other coating technologies, the course focuses on the chemistry, technology and applications of waterborne resins and how they are used for coatings. The challenges of using water in coatings and how these challenges have been overcome will be discussed in detail. Waterborne coatings based on acrylics, urethanes, epoxies, alkyds will be presented, along with their unique challenges and strengths. Testing and evaluation of properties specific to waterborne coatings will also be discussed. The technical information provided throughout this course will be useful for chemists and technicians working in industries engaged in coating manufacturing, raw material suppliers, R&D, technical services, sales and marketing. It is specifically recommended for formulators, raw material suppliers, end users and quality control personnel.

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for scientists, chemists and technicians, specifically working in R&D, product development, quality control functions. Personnel transitioning from solvent-based coating experience to water-based coating will especially find this course very useful. Personnel in marketing, technical sales, manufacturing, paint users, customer support staff, field representatives, and all others who need basic understanding of fast expanding water-based coatings can benefit from this course. 

What you will learn:

  • Gain an overall understanding of water-based resins and coating chemistries and formulations.
  • Obtain a good understanding of water-based resins – acrylic emulsion, polyurethane dispersions and alkyds/epoxy emulsions.
  • Unique characteristics that make waterborne coatings different from other coating types.
  • In-depth understanding of the unique aspects specific to water-based coatings – rheology, film formation, defects and the role of additives.
  • Understanding what it takes to transition from solvent-based to water-based coatings.
  • How water-based coating formulations, testing and applications differ from other coating types.

Course Details:

The virtual class will include live-online Zoom sessions, as well as pre and post session activities in our online learning management system, Canvas. Participants must attend all Zoom sessions and complete all required online course assignments in order to receive an electronic certificate of completion.
Participants will need to attend the course from either their home or office using a computer or laptop equipped with a Webcam and Microphone. We highly recommend using headphones or a headset, if possible.
To participate, you’ll need a stable Internet connection and minimum technical requirements. Chrome, Firefox and Safari are preferred browsers for Canvas. Please visit the Zoom System Requirements site for the technical requirements that you will need. 
All required training materials will be available for download in Canvas or through a link to an online resource.


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