Jiang Lu

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Emeritus Professor

Visual and Built Environments



[email protected]


  • Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
  • MA, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
  • M. Arch., Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • B. Arch., Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Professional Summary

  • 2001–2003, Scholer Cooperation, Architecture, Engineering and Interior
  • 19952000, University Architect's Design, Indiana University
  • 19941995, Odle McGure Shook Architecture, Interior, Landscape Inc. Indiana
  • 19881993, Architectural Planning and Design, University of Michigan

Interests and Expertise

Application of computer visualization in the study of design and environment.
Cultural tradition of architecture, dwelling, and architectural ornaments.

Courses Taught

  • IED 111: Human Factor/Environment Physiology
  • IDE 110: Interior Design Studio I
  • IDE 120: Interior Design Studio II
  • IDE 219: CADII: Advanced Computer Modeling and Rendering
  • IDE 310: Interior Design Studio V
  • IDE 320: Interior Design Studio VI
  • IDE 323: Internship Preparation
  • IDE 378/478/591: CADIII: Advanced Digital Media
  • IDE 410: Interior Design Studio VII
  • IDE 420: Interior Design Studio VIII
  • IDE 591: Graduate Design Studio

Selected Publications

  • 2015, Homelessness and Urban Sprawl of Large Cities of the US". Global Modernization Review – New Discoveries and Theories Revisited. ed. Martinelli , Alberto and He, Chuanqi. 2015. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. Clearance Center, Inc. Danvers, MA, USA. Pp. 137–146. Coauthor.
  • 2014, Effects of Traditional and Digital Media on Student Learning in Space Design. Design & Graphic Palimpset, [Dialogue-Discourse-Discussion]. ed. Uddin, M. Saleh. and Welty, Christopher. Southern Polytechnic State University. Georgia USA. Pp. 376380.
  • 2013, Yulin Yao Dong Wen Hua Jing Guan Te Se (Cave Dwelling Village Scape of Yulin). Shou Wang Gu Cun Luo( Keep Watching Traditional Villages). ed. Yang Luo. China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Publishing Corporation. Beijing. Pp.128133. Co-author.
  • 2012, Study of Traditional Architecture and Culture Space from a perspective of Cultural Anthropology and Folklore. Urban Flux – City • Space • Design. Vol.23, Jan. 2012, pp. 2326.
  • 2011, Teaching Sustainable Design in Interior Design Curriculum. The Tao of Sustainability - An International Conference on Sustainable Design Strategies in a Globalization Context." Hosting Organization: Tsinghua University. Hua Zhong Science and Technology University Press: 2011. pp. 400406. Coauthor.
  • 2010, The Effect of Different Media on Student Learning in Interior Space Design. Celebrating Our Foundations: Teaching, Scholarship, Service, ed. D. Seidler. R. Atlanta: Savannah College of Art and Design. Pp.140147. Co-author.
  • 2009, Interaction Between Vernacular Culture and Classic Culture Through Popular Culture: A Study of Ornamentation in Chinese Traditional buildings. The spirit of Exploration: The Gateway to New Frontiers. Davidson, D. Maryville University, St. Louis, Missouri. 2009. Pp.494503. Co-author.
  • 2008, Effects of Traditional and Digital Media on Student Learning in Space Design. Making Learning Visible. Ed. Jeffery l. Bernstein, Ypsilanti: Bruce Nelson Faculty Development Center: Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti. Pp.7590.
  • 2007, AutoCAD for Interior Design Using AutoCAD and Architectural Desktop 2007. Prentice Hall Press. Co-author.

Patents / Awards / Grants

  • Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Engineering and Technology, EMU. 2006
  • Young Scientist of 2005. EarthWatch Institute, Massachusetts, USA. 2005