Tech and Professional Management Advising

To make an appointment with your faculty/major advisor, please send them an email at the email addresses below.

Aviation Flight Technology

Jason Vosburgh
[email protected] | 734.487.8429


Aviation Management Technology

Chuyang Yang

[email protected] | 734.487.2476

Business, Management, Marketing and Technology (Secondary Education) 

Melinda Carlson

[email protected] | 734.487.1161

Engineering and Technology Workforce Education

Melinda Carlson

[email protected] | 734.487.1611

Hotel and Restaurant Management

Tierney McCleary
[email protected] | 734.487.2326

Giri Jogaratnam
[email protected] | 734.487.0483


Elizabeth M. Donovan
[email protected] | 734.487.1218

Technology Management

Guy Downs
[email protected] | 734.487.2899

Technology Studies

Guy Downs
[email protected] | 734.487.2899