Success Stories

Benjamin Best

Benjamin Best is an aviation flight technology graduate of EMU. He was hired by Delta in 2014 and has been serving in the Michigan Air National Guard since 2009.

Ryan Wisniewski

Ryan Wisniewski was hired with Envoy as a first officer flying the CRJ700 in 2010 where he's based between New York (LGA) and Chicago (ORD). He's involved with the safety department, the ALPA pilots' union as a new hire mentor and a pilot-2-pilot volunteer. He's recently accepted a first officer position with Delta Airlines flying the Boeing 737 out of New York.

Robert Chapin

Robert Chapin is a 2013 grad from EMU's aviation flight technology department. He's currently a first officer flying Delta Connection EMB-145 fleet under Republic Airways/Shuttle America. He previously served as a check instructor at the U.S. Aviation Academy.

Janet Patton 

Janet Patton is a first officer at American Airlines flying the Boeing 787 based in Dallas/Fort Worth. She has been flying for over 30 years. She flew cargo in DC-3s, DC-6s and the four-engine L188 Lockheed Electra. In the 90s, she became the first woman pilot and then the first woman captain at Spirit Airlines. She earned her bachelor’s in aviation management and a master’s technology studies from EMU.

Delane Kolbusz Buttacavoli

Delane Kolbusz Buttacavoli is an aviation management technology grad with a minor in business and flight technology. She is currently a Southwest Airlines first officer and a North American B25 captain in air shows for the Yankee Air Museum at KYIP.

Ryan Russow

Ryan Russow is an EMU aviation flight technology alum. He is currently a LAX-based captain with Compass Airlines and previously served as a first officer with ExpressJet. He also served as a flight instructor.