Standard CTE Certification

The Standard Career & Technical Education (CTE) endorsement is an authorization from MDE for teaching in a Michigan-approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) program in the occupational area in which individuals are seeking the endorsement. EMU’s program is meant for the following candidates: 1) certified teachers who wish to earn a CTE CIP code and 2) those without previous certification who wish to teach in a specific occupational area and have supporting work experience.

EMU offers CTE's in the following occupational areas (the numbers in parenthesis are the corresponding CIP codes):

  • Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science And Technology (49.0101)
  • Agriculture, Agricultural Operations, and Related Sciences (01.0000)
  • Airframe Technology (47.0607)
  • Airline Professional/Personal Pilot (49.0102)
  • Army (JROTC) 28.0301
  • Automobile Technician (ASE Certified) (47.0604)
  • Avionics Maintenance Technology (47.0609)
  • Business Administration Management And Operations (52.0299)
  • Collision Repair Technician (ASE Certified) (47.0603)
  • Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance (11.1003)
  • Computer Programming/Programmer (11.0201)
  • Computer Systems Networking And Telecommunication (11.0901)
  • Construction Trades (46.0000)
  • Cooking And Related Culinary Arts (12.0500)
  • Digital/Multimedia And Information Resources Design (11.0801)
  • Drafting And Design Technology/Architectural (15.1301)
  • Education General (13.0000)
  • Electrical And Power Transmission Installation (46.0301)
  • Electrical/Electronics Equipment Installation & Repair General (47.0101)
  • Electric lineman (46.0303)
  • Engineering Technology (15.0000)
  • Finance And Financial Management Services (52.0800). This includes tasks under:
  • Graphics And Printing Technology And Communications (10.0301)
  • Health Sciences/Allied Health/Health Sciences, General (51.0000)
  • Hospitality Administration, Management General (52.0901)
  • Insurance (52.1707)
  • Lineworker (46.0303)
  • Machine Tool Technology/Machinist (48.0501)
  • Mechanics Cluster (47.0699)
  • Mechatronics (14.4201)
  • Medium/Heavy Truck Technician (ASE Certified) (47.0613)
  • Plumbing Technology (46.0503)
  • Power Plant Technology (Aircraft) (47.0608)
  • Public Safety/Protective Services (43.0100)
  • Radio And TV Broad Casting Tech. (10.0202)
  • Small Engine and Related Repair Technology/Technician (47.0606)
  • Specialized Merchandising, Sales, and Marketing Operations, Other (52.1999)
  • Systems Administration/Administrator (11.1001)
  • Visual and Performing Arts, General (50.0101)
  • Welding, Brazing And Soldering (48.0508)
  • Woodworking General (48.0701)

The State of Michigan, Michigan Department of Education determines the requirements to be eligible for a CTE endorsement. These include:

  • Four-year bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Admission to EMU requires submission of official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. For more information see EMU admissions requirements.
  • Major or minor in the CTE area seeking endorsement.
  • Document 4000 hours of relevant and recent work experience in the vocational area of certification within the past ten years as required by the Michigan Department of Education [PDF].
  • Successful completion of BMMT 251 (fall offering) and BMMT 352 (winter offering) at EMU.
  • Successful completion of these courses will receive 2000 related hours toward the desired CIP code

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