First-Year Eastern Michigan University Requirements

For applicants seeking to enroll at EMU directly from high school

EMU admits students on a sliding scale based primarily on a combination of high school grade point average and ACT (composite) or SAT (on 1600 scale) score. If you have a high GPA, you may be admitted even if your test score is below our average. If you have a high test score, you may be admitted with a lower-than-average GPA. EMU does not evaluate the writing portion of the ACT in our admissions process. Please note that EMU does not super score. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: EMU has adopted a Test Optional Policy for 2021. Please see the policy for details.

We admit students on a rolling basis and we typically notify you within 2–4 weeks of the time we receive all of your admissions materials.

The average student coming to EMU directly from high school has a GPA of 3.28 and an ACT score of 22 and SAT score of 1100. These are not minimum requirements for admission.

If you'd like to talk with an admissions advisor about your specific situation, call 800.GO.TO.EMU.

For non-traditional students who have never attended college and seek to enroll at EMU

Follow the instructions for regular, first-year admissions. ACT or SAT scores are not required if you are 21+. Please contact us at 734.487.6453 if you have specific questions about enrolling after a gap in your education.

For applicants seeking to enroll at EMU from another college

If you have earned 12 or more credits at another college, you will need to apply to EMU as a transfer student. Please click here for Transfer Admission Information.

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