Visual & Built Environments

211 Sill Hall

Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

Phone: 734.487.2490


Assessment Plan

The Assessment Plan is a tool to provide continuous improvement to the program; and meet the program's vision, goals, and objectives using systematic data collection, analysis, and implementation recommendations to prepare graduates with skill and knowledge to be successful upon graduation in the construction management field. 


Assessment Report

The 2019-2022 assessment report analyzes the assessment cycle data for the Construction Management Program at EMU. The report presents the actions taken and implemented as a result of the previous assessment cycle, the assessment data and information obtained through implementing assessment measures, and recommended actions as a result of the current analysis of assessment data.

The Program faculty will review the report in the 2022 fall semester for feedback, final approval of recommendations, and their implementations in the next assessment cycle starting in the 2023 Winter semester. 

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