What is period poverty?

1 in 10 women in college can't afford to buy period products.

  • Period poverty is the lack of access to period products (pads, tampons, menstrual cups, etc.). 
  • Period poverty can be attributed to lack of financial means, lack of transportation and the stigma attached to the subject matter. 
  • Period products are classified as a luxury item and therefore are taxed as such.
  • People experiencing period poverty may have to resort to using pads and tampons longer than they’re meant to be used or using rags, toilet paper, or socks in place of pads.

If you struggle to afford period products, Swoop's Food Pantry can help! You can get a full month's supply of pads and tampons, or a reusable menstrual cup for free. To find out how to request supplies, visit the Swoop's Food Pantry website.

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