Student BOC Pass Rates
Students graduating from program935


Graduating students who took exam93517
Students who passed on first attempt6 (67%)2 (67%)4 (80%)12 (71%)
Students who passed the exam regardless of the number of attempts7 (78%)2 (67%)5 (100%)14 (82%)


* Last undergraduate cohort

Athletic Training Program Graduation
Number of students graduating from the program93517
Graduation Rate100%100%100%100%

Employment Rate
Number of Students Employed as AT62513
Student Employment Rate as AT (%)67%67%100%76%
Number of Students Employed as Other0101
Number of Students Employed as Other (%)0%33%0%6%
Number of Students not Employed1001
Number of Students not Employed (%)11%0%0%6%
Unknown %22%0%0%12%

Retention Rate
Total MAT enrollment261215*53
Retention (% of non-graduated students who returned from prior year)26/26 (100%)12/12 (100%)*5/5 (93%)* 53/53 (100%)

*phasing out of BSAT

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