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Exercise science is an exciting and rapidly growing field of study. With physical inactivity considered a major risk factor for heart disease and other morbidities, exercise and fitness have become essential parts of daily life. Not only has exercise been recognized as important for preventing diseases, it has also been acknowledged as essential “medicine” in treating various illnesses. Additionally, the field of exercise science provides a scientific basis for improving human performance and consists of a balanced, science-based curriculum that is appropriate for a variety of pre-professional studies.

  • Our Programs

    We currently offer five programs in our exercise science program at both graduate and undergraduate levels.





  • Why Study at EMU?

    Exercise and fitness are essential parts of healthy living, especially as physical inactivity is considered a major risk factor for heart disease and other ailments. Proper exercise is important for preventing diseases, and has been scientifically proven to aid in treating various illnesses. That’s why we want to provide you with an industry renowned education in this exciting and rapidly growing field of study.

    • Our exercise science program provides a balanced, science-based curriculum that is appropriate for a variety of pre-professional studies.

    • EMU’s Human Performance Laboratories, which include the Running Science Laboratory, provide personalized consultations and exercise testing to measure and improve individual athletes' performances.

    • Our Running Science Laboratory provides performance measurements designed to give you firsthand insight and experience into the science of exercise. Measurements include biochemical assessments such as running performance and injury assessment and physiological assessments including VO2max testing, lactate threshold and running economy.

    • Our accredited and experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities ensure our programs are industry renowned and that you'll receive the highest quality education and knowledge.

    • Collaborate and engage with the community and research projects in an exceptional learning environment, ultimately improving people’s lives through proper exercise and knowledge of the human body.

Candidacy (undergraduate only)

Achieving candidacy is the formal acceptance into the exercise science program. Candidacy must be obtained before taking most 400-level courses in the program. Ideally, you should be applying for candidacy by the end of your sophomore year or one year after transferring into the program.

To receive candidacy in the exercise science program you must meet the following criteria:

  • Declaration of intent to major in exercise science by going to the UACDC website.
  • An overall GPA at EMU of 2.80 (transfer GPA evaluated separately).
  • Completion of all pre-candidacy courses in the exercise science major with a B- or better.
  • Application

    An application for candidacy [DOCX] should be obtained from the program coordinator, completed and submitted to your program advisor. You may apply for candidacy by the end of the semester you’re taking your last pre-candidacy class(es); however, candidacy will not be granted until final grades are received. Included in the application should be a one- to two-page biographical sketch describing your background, why you chose to enter the field of exercise science, career goals and any other information pertinent to your candidacy application. 
  • Admission 

    Your program advisor will either recommend or not recommend your application for candidacy and then forward to the program coordinator for confirmation.

    • If both agree you should be admitted to candidacy, your name will be submitted to the Records and Registration office and your major status will be changed from “Intent” to “Candidate”.
    • If there is a disagreement as to your admittance, an interview will be scheduled with the exercise science faculty to better assess your application.
    • If both agree you should not be admitted to candidacy, or following the interview process your application is denied, you will be notified within three days and given the option of either taking additional classes to improve your GPA or retaking candidacy-required courses to achieve acceptable grades in these classes.

    Please note that you cannot be approved for an internship site until you have completed all candidacy courses in the exercise science program.

Visit our Running Science Laboratory.

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Andrew Cornett, Program Coordinator
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Becca Moore, Program Coordinator
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At a Glance

  • Two programs available
  • Accredited and experienced faculty


  • On-campus and outside opportunities
  • Bachelor's and master's



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