IPE Profile

Kathy Seurynck

Brief professional description

Currently I am an assistant professor at EMU. I have over 20 years experience in nursing education.  My certifications include Certified Nurse Educator and Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator.  My passions include active learning, simulation and IPE education.

How and why did you get involved?

I became involved with IPE through the initiative at EMU. I saw the need in practice that improved patient outcomes occur when professions actually work together instead of in silos.

What do you believe are the benefits?

There are so many benefits of IPE, most important being improved care of our patients and increased safety.  It can help decrease errors by improving communication and collaboration. We learn, respect and problem solve together.

What has been the most memorable experience or highlight of teaching IPE so far?

My favorite teaching moment so far has been our IPE simulation with six professions at St. Joseph Mercy Simulation Center.  After a year of planning, the students did a great job!  They were so excited to be working, collaborating and learning about other professions! It was great to see the enthusiasm and excitement of the students and faculty.

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