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Program Overview

Eastern Michigan University (EMU) currently has a College Supports Program (CSP) aimed at increasing admissions, retention, and full matriculation for adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) through an individualized 24-hour fee-for-service supportive program. In addition to academic achievement, efforts of this program include development of social-emotional and communication skills, as well as daily living skills needed for adult independence with the primary focus of supporting executive functioning for participants.

The CSP is made up of various primary components. Each of these components work together to provide a comprehensive and individualized program based on the need of the student.

The CSP is a proactive, person centered planning approach, that supports students on a daily basis who are unable to consistently identify their needs and/or initiate requests for necessary supports. Some of these tailored services include coaching, tutoring, mediation with instructors, mental health service coordination, social and leisure activities, dorm living support and appropriate family involvement. The program emphasizes increasing independence throughout the student’s college experience, including providing guidance and support as students work toward the development of employment skills.

The individualized support services go above and beyond the standard accommodations offered free of charge to all students with disabilities at EMU. These enhanced supportive services are wide ranging and might include personalized assistance with:

  • Academics
  • Life Skills
  • Social Coaching
  • Faculty Relationships
  • Skill Building
  • Mentoring
  • Advocacy
  • Executive Functions
  • Time Management
  • Daily Check-Ins
  • Parent Support