Logo & Lockup Usage

Clear Space Rule

The minimum clear space relationship for the EMU logos is indicated by the green box.

Clearspace box

Stacked clear space

Inline clear space

Clear space

Unacceptable Logo & Lockup Usage

Do not:

  • alter the logos or lockups in any way.
  • crop or remove any part of the logo.
  • add text or design elements to the logos or lockups.
  • change the colors of the logos or lockups.
  • change the typefaces used in the logos or lockups.
  • tilt, redesign, redraw, animate, modify, distort, add effects or change the proportions of the logos or lockups.
  • design your own logos or lockups.

Samples of Unacceptable Logo Usage

Don't change the typeface.

Don't change the fontsDon't change fonts

Don't change the colors or add design elements.

Don't change the colorDon't change the colorDon't add a pattern to the logo

Don't distort or modify the shape.

Don't distort the shapeDon't distort the logoDon't distort the logo

Don't add a drop shadow.

Don't add a drop shadowDon't add a drop shadow

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