Voice & Tone

The Division of Communications is focused on expanding awareness and positive perceptions of the University through a dynamic, assertive and fact-based messaging effort. 

Programs and departments can support this effort by crafting communications that mirror our bold, assertive style. Use facts about your programs and highlight rankings. Please also keep in mind the eight personality traits driving our voice and tone:

  • Courageous - We have the guts to envision a brighter future and strength to go all in.
  • Undaunted - We expect to encounter challenges, but that doesn't slow us down.
  • Dynamic - We celebrate the diversity and vibrancy inherent to our culture.
  • Self-Aware - We remain true to who we are and why we do what we do.
  • Pragmatic - We make a routine of steady, real progress in the world.
  • Grit - We have the will to put in the effort, doing what it takes to succeed.
  • Inclusive - We're dedicated to a safe community and we find value in our differences.
  • Proud - We take great satisfaction in the fact that what we accomplish improves the lives of those we care about.