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Access and Support

EMU offers both academic and cultural support to ensure students thrive. Visit the program or department website below to find out more information.

  • Academic Success Partnerships

    Academic Success Partnerships (ASP) was established in 2012 to equip students with relevant skills and training to be active learners focused on persistence and degree completion. Our commitment provides support beyond the classroom to help students manage work, life, and development during their collegiate experience. We engage students by creating an uplifting and inclusive campus environment designed to affirm students through structured programming, workshops, mentoring, coaching, and educational opportunities.

    Visit the Academic Success Partnerships website.

  • Academic Advising
    Visit the Academic Advising website.
  • African Amer. Studies and Africology Dept.

    Detroit Compact and Wade McCree Scholars

    Visit the African American Studies and Africology Dept. website.

  • Brotherhood Scholars

    The Brotherhood (Helping Others Obtain Degrees) is a university-wide initiative designed to engage, empower, retain and graduate more males of color at Eastern Michigan University. Through collaborative partnerships with offices throughout the university, we employ a success-driven approach to help males of color develop as students and as men instead of addressing deficits and challenges they need to overcome.

    Visit the Brotherhood Scholars website.

  • Center for Adaptive Technology in Education (CATE)

    The Center for Adaptive Technology in Education (CATE Lab) was designed to assist students with disabilities incorporate computers and technology into the learning and working atmosphere of Eastern Michigan University (EMU).

    Visit the CATE lab website.

  • The Collaborative

    The Collaborative: Ypsilanti YMCA Child Development Center is a collective community-centered response to providing quality child care to low-income families in Ypsilanti and to EMU students with children.

    Visit The Collaborative webpage.

  • Digital Divas

    Digital Divas' goal is to connect young women to opportunities in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). This one-day conference encourages and engages female middle and high school students in technology careers while giving them an opportunity to meet and network with professors and students.

    Visit the Digital Divas website.

  • Disability Resource Center

     The Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Disability Resource Center (DRC) views disabilities as an integral part of the rich diversity of our campus community and society.  We work collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to create an accessible, sustainable, and inclusive educational environment for all students. 

    Visit the Disability Resource Center website.

  • Detroit Compact Scholarship Program

     Detroit Compact is a voluntary partnership of over one hundred (100) businesses, community organizations, government agencies and public schools that was developed to assist Detroit public school students in achieving job and college readiness.

    Visit the Detroit Compact Scholarship Program website.

  • Eastern Edge

    Visit the Eastern Edge website.

  • Engage @ EMU

    Engage @ EMU is EMU’s primary entry way to enhance, navigate and cultivate collaboration and partnerships between the University and business and community entities. Engage @ EMU initiates and coordinates various business and community-based programs, but its overall intention is to collaborate with University offices and programs and external partners.

    Visit the Engage @ EMU website.

  • English as a Second Language

    Visit the English as a Second Language website.

  • Equality Research Center

    Advancing social justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people by expanding public knowledge of LGBT experiences, stories, and voices.

    Visit the Equality Research Center website.

  • Global Rate Tuition Plan
    Visit the Global Rate Tuition Plan website.
  • Holman Success Center
    Visit the Holman Success Center website.
  • International Student Resource Center

    The mission of the ISRC is to assist non-native English-speaking students with English language usage, U.S. academic expectations and cultural knowledge to successfully and confidently complete academic assignments in EMU classes.

    Visit the International Student Resource Center website.

  • MAGIC - Mentorship Access Guidance in College 

    Mentorship Access Guidance in College (MAGIC) is a campus based support program that exists to increase the graduation rates among students who have experienced foster care or homelessness by removing barriers that interfere with academic success and the process of becoming an interdependent adult.

    Visit the MAGIC website.

  • McNair Scholars

     The purpose of the McNair Program is to assist low-income, first-generation, or underrepresented students in completing their Bachelor's degree, and to gain admission to Master's / Doctoral programs.

    Visit the McNair Scholars website.

  • Military Veteran Services Resource Center

    Our program provides dedicated academic and personal support, tailored to address the unique needs of veterans who are in pursuit of a bachelor's degree from EMU.  

    Visit the Military Veteran Services Resource Center website.

  • Office of International Students & Scholars
  • SAFE Campaign 

    Interactive training to create and sustain an inclusive campus climate for all sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions.

    Visit the SAFE Campaign website.

  • Sisterhood Scholars

    Sisterhood provides a safe space for Women of Color to promote the following six building BLOCKS: Beauty, Leadership, Outreach, Creativity, Knowledge and Sisterhood (BLOCKS). Through monthly dialogs and programming we build a community that focuses on developing one’s identity as a WOC, celebrating our cultural influences that shape our lives and to share/receive encouragement and positive reinforcement from other students and professionals who look like us.

    Visit the Sisterhood Scholars website.

  • Student Government

    Visit the EMU Student Government website.

  • Wade McCree Incentive Scholarship Program

    The Wade H. McCree, Jr. Incentive Scholarship Program exemplifies a commitment partnership by Michigan's public universities to provide tuition scholarships in select Michigan school districts. The program offers a full tuition scholarship based upon the student's successful completion of a four-year college preparatory curriculum with a minimum B (3.0) average while in high school and a composite score of 21 or better on the American College Text (ACT).

    Visit the Wade McCree Incentive Scholarship Program website.

  • World Languages
    Visit the World Languages website.