Debt Forgiveness Meets Community Engagement

What is Eagle Engage Corps?

Eagle Engage Corps combines debt forgiveness and public service in tandem with Eastern Michigan University community programs in order to re-engage students who have left EMU or are considering leaving as a result of financial challenges.

How does it work?

Coordinated through Engage@EMU, students complete 30 hours of volunteer service in an EMU community program throughout the semester. Successful completion will lead to a partial forgiveness of outstanding debt owed to the University.

Who is Eligible?

Students and former students must be an undergraduate, have a declared major and/or minor and have a minimum of 65 credits completed.

Criteria for an Eagle Engage Corps member

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of nine credit hours a semester for up to three consecutive semesters while engaged in the Corps. Once the three semesters of enrollment combined with 90 hours of service are completed, account balances of up to $6000 will be eliminated. Students who complete one or two semesters will receive partial debt forgiveness.