What Is Engage @ EMU?

Engage @ EMU is EMU’s primary entry way to enhance, navigate and cultivate collaboration and partnerships between the University and business and community entities.

Engage @ EMU initiates and coordinates various business and community-based programs, but its overall intention is to collaborate with University offices and programs and external partners as a way to better: 

  • Identify, promote and cultivate business/corporate engagement and community engaged programming for the local, regional and state community.

  • Cultivate opportunities for students and faculty to integrate community practice into their research and/or curriculum.

  • Build on existing EMU programs and partnerships in order to identify new revenue sources, partnerships and programs.
  • Provide oversight and management for the Business Engaged Council (BEC) and Business Link, the University’s virtual business engagement doorway and platform.

  • Provide oversight and management for the Community Engaged Council (CEC) and Community Link, the University’s virtual community engagement doorway and platform.

Learn more about Engage by viewing our digital brochure [PDF].

What is engage
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