COVID-19 Update

EMU employees:

As we have since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the University continues to review key metrics and to update our EMU Safe policies as appropriate. As part of that process, the University is pausing enforcement (effective immediately) of the Employee COVID-19 Vaccination/Screening Policy [PDF] (often referred to as the “employee vax-or-test” policy). For additional details, visit the website.

Engage @ EMU is EMU’s primary entry way to enhance, navigate and cultivate collaboration and partnerships between the University and business and community entities. Engage assists EMU in affirming and improving several parts of our University mission and vision:

  • Benefiting local and global communities.
  • Being an institution of opportunity and community impact.
  • Preparing students with relevant skills and real world awareness.

Afghan Refugee Resettlement Efforts

EMU, in collaboration with Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County (JFSWC), will host approximately a dozen refugee families from Afghanistan in its campus apartments as part of their resettlement to the United States.

JFSWC is the local resettlement agency assisting with finding homes and providing extensive services to Afghan families and other refugee families throughout Washtenaw county. Use the links below to volunteer, donate, and help support these efforts on our campus. 


Engage cultivates academic initiatives and programs focused on local impact and provides training and support for the integration of community into courses and curriculum.

Business picture

Engage cultivates connections and collaborations between the University and business and corporate entities.

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Engage cultivates connections and collaborations  between the University (faculty, staff and students)  and nonprofits, municipalities, schools, and individuals.